Dont wait for a cyclone to make you seek shelter in …….Prevention is better than cure!!

hey little self,


You know your confused and act as if your clear…and keep going around in circles over many lives…time to now put an end and finish the evolution through right understanding…..


The mind can be understood from the an analogy of how depressions in the bay can become a deep depression and eventually a cyclone….


Unresolved memories (excitement and depression) from many lives, need to be resolved in this life…and resolution can happen by looking into the mind directly or through an experience in the illusory waking and dream world….or a combination of these…these memories attract suitable events in your life to trigger the memories that need resolution by making you see your world through a filter called desire…its like a tinted sunglass and desires can be equated to a depression in a bay….not yet entered your life but in its formative phase…and if you neglect it I.e don’t watch your thoughts and feelings and keep yourself busy and keep running away from yourself by being a workaholic or escaping for a holiday etc the depression will grow into a deep depression and start moving outward to become and create a memorable life event…and if you still ignore it can become a cyclone or a tsunami….


it gives you chances and time…if your willing to be 100% responsible…you can weaken it and even resolve it with correct understanding of who you are….


don’t waste your life chasing name fame and money..your main job here is to know is needed to pay your bills..keep your life simple and earn your needs..devote time and energy in resolving your confusions and realize your true self now and here in this life itself….



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