Why do we #dislike #failure? #Leadership #Wisdom #Contemplation #Truth

I have often pondered this in my contemplative moods and I get the hunch it is related to who we are ” Truly.”

Whilst we may operate with mind body identification in our daily lives to varying degrees we intrinsically also know that we are Divine beings I.e we are one with God or truth who has the power to manifest anything..i.e the power to always win..
I suspect that higher nature of us keeps is from accepting failure and seek that all powerful higher nature of ours. Its a kind of an intelligent road block that’s a pointer to our higher nature.
However it is useful here to remember that the wise way to achieve that always a winner status is not only hard work but hard work applied into the right direction.
Many people work hard and yet don’t succeed. The world speaks and praises hard work but rewards outcomes alone.
How can you achieve both? Win and work hard?? The answer lies in meditation. Meditation brings harmony between the head and heart and that harmony enables you to make consistently effort in the right direction.
To make meditation and hard work work for you a lot of discipline is required from the kind of work, time, waking up time, prayer, eating times, eating habits to a balanced lifestyle and interesting here too meditation brings that balance and discipline once you start the journey from all angles.
When you look deep enough and with quiet stillness you can recognize pointers in the universe guiding you to Being The Light…the messages are subtle…pay close and careful attention…park aside emotions and feelings for they are like clouds that block the sunshine…while sunshine itself never actually diminishes….
So the next tine you fail think about this and let me know what you feel…and how it helps you evolve into Being The Light…
Have a great weekend!

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