Did you know your hotel is overbooked and guests have been waiting to be checked out for a very long-time?? #Mind #Time #wisdom #Leadership

Hey little self,

Our minds and body is like a hotel. Its filled with guests from a very ancient time up until now…many of these guests want to check out but unfortunately your check out reception has no attention been paid to. These guests are stuck. They have no one to lodge a complaint to..it is a house arrest for them…

For these stuck guests (memories – thoughts) there is only one way to get our attention since we don’t pay attention to the message..and I.e. To talk to you as people in your life and deliver messages as experiences to you..that ” these are what your thinking and stuck with”…and when you cant solve things outside you will look within and realize ..its time for you to allow these thoughts to check out and set them free instead of engaging them any more..

As you begin to let go of these and check them out meditatively your mental hotel becomes empty, health of the mind and body improves and fresh inspiration can flow through you….

Get this clear. Thoughts (memories),would like to leave you. You need to be aware and watch them and only then can they leave. When your unconscious of your thoughts you don’t allow them to leave and you keep reacting (Re enacting History) and keep them stuck….

Make it your resolve in your mind to set your Sub conscious memories free now and here. When you use life for that your truly managing life and time wisely….

Have a blessed day!

Your Higher Self

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