The secret to deepening your #meditation

The secret to deepening your #meditation is in developing kindness and #compassion to all…

Letting go is a skill that requires wisdom, and this wisdom and skills is a gift of The Divine. You have to earn it through kindness, compassion, service and prayer…you cant become a good meditator without the blessings of the divine…

Many people are busy chasing personal success and egoistic ambitions which will only get you results but not peace and happiness which are the real goal of human life…

Look back at your own success. How many microseconds were you at peace before your mind started worrying about how to.protect that and grow that success and keep it far away from failure?

Ego is an illusion. You are not the body or mind. You are the person playing the role of everyone and everything. Love is about expansion of your Self concept from I am the body to I am in everybody and everything….

Are you achieving that purpose in what you do and how you do it?????

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