Pay attention to your class!! #leadership #inspiredliving #mindfulness


There is only one teacher in the cosmos…That is God…everybody you meet and yourself are all students…the teacher comes to you as a student and enacts a lesson…your job is not to judge but to learn…to learn you must sit still and pay attention to the class, the class is in your breathing, pay attention to your breathing and you will learn what message the divine is enacting for you to learn, and how to set yourself free from the illusion of worldly existence….u are a a good student…teacher is God…

God is Perfection.

God is in Everything and everyone regardless of whether they are successful or failures 

Why would a Perfect God come to you as a faulty person??

Unless its to teach you something about You, a trait that You also have AND THAT TRAIT NEEDS TO BE ERASED IN YOUR LIFE…

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