Need some help???? #suffering #problems #wisdom #mindfulness

Hey little self,

All the powers of God are in you. You must activate the powers and meditation does just that.

When your having troubles I do feel compassion but remember that compassion needs to be delivered wisely or else it will YOU weak. 

It is important to know that you have a role in attracting your problems…and that role is the quality of thoughts….unless you micro audit your thoughts and weed out the negative ones, they will invite problems in your life in surprise moments….

Meditation gives you the opportunity and solution to weed out and delete negativity….

Don’t just run around. Anchor everyday in meditation and get explicit inspired orders from your  Divine Higher Self on where YOU should work towards. There is a unique plan for YOU in this cosmos. Nobody in this world is worth emulating! 

Be You!


Your Higher Self 

Mohan Sundaram
📱: + 91 8790171132

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