Its Time to slow down, and stop and plan your journey!! #change #leadership


When your car is moving at a high speed you would need to first have a plan and route map of where you want to go before you can change course of the car!

So too your body is a car and moving in most people’s life unconsciously powered by ancient memories down history Lane!
If you wish to change things in your life YOU must first truly feel and want to ” be the change”! That drive will give you courage to pull over first, calm down, meditate and first understand your new direction and what changes it takes to get there!

A calm mind is first required to see through confusion and know first who are you truly and once you see your true self clearly you will know the path is about letting go of ancient stuff and dropping that ancient baggage! When you sit still and meditate you will know how to Let Go and your new direction for the car will be reprogrammed as you meditate by your own divine higher self!

All confusion with NO exception is due to the wrong belief that “You are the body and mind”! Erase that confusion and you can never have doubt anymore! The means to erase it is Meditation, Who am I ( Self inquiry), Service and compassion in your life!

Thinking, planning hail from the same memories that made you circle history Lane over many lives! To get out of this trap you need your higher divine Intelligence to pull you up and out of this illusion and set you on a new path of love, freedom! This higher intelligence does not yield to pressure, haste and only way to reconnect is surrender, let go etc all of which is accomplished through meditation as a means!


Live fresh everyday! Don’t continue yesterday into today!!!!
Yesterday is history! Today is an opportunity to erase yesterday and write a whole new different and inspiring story of your life!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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