Do you wish for a life of peace and bliss? #Leadership #Love #Mindfulness #Meditation


I am sure each one of us do wish but very few take responsibility to make it happen!

Life is Love and love is to realize your real nature! Everybody you see or even hear about is You and you are also the inner most self in all of them!

Everyone you meet at work, in your relationships is a dynamic reflection of your mind and mirrors never make mistakes! They just reflect! To love is to see yourself in all and let go of all thoughts!

However we do the opposite! We judge and make people and their lives miserable for showing you what your mind is upto!

You can only reap what you sow! If you find your life is not filled with joy, peace and bliss reexamine your life! Look within and be mindful of how you treat yourself! What words show up in your mind?? Do you scold yourself, abuse yourself??? Are you unkind, impatient, and unforgiving of yourself??? To reap bliss, you must sow the seeds of love, patience, compassion, forgiveness, and kindness! How much of these did you deposit in your spiritual bank today??

You can’t be loved and you can’t love anyone till you first love yourself! How you treat others is a reflection of how you treat yourself!

Many people scold and judge and declare others as failures! The real problem is they do that with themselves too and that is why they behave with others in that way! Unless you look within you wont realize this! There is no real world out there! Its an illusion! A cosmic joke! Everyone you meet and interact with is simply your own thoughts coming back to you in that form and name!

Use every oppurtunity to grow in love! Think of the people you interacted with today and maintain a daily diary! Against each name revisit your interaction, record what feelings, where and what words, thoughts and stories arise and a  witness of these without judgement and reaction! This process is called loving yourself or letting go! As you become more and more one with all thoughts and feelings become diluted and vanish and leave the bliss of oneness to manifest!

You are love! Be love! Love is awareness! Be mindful and live Mindfully!
To love is to live and when you don’t love your as good as a dead zombie!

Have a great weekend!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

One thought on “Do you wish for a life of peace and bliss? #Leadership #Love #Mindfulness #Meditation

  1. To truly love requires patience and you can’t have patience or true love if your using someone for some form of personal gain (direct or indirect)! True love flows only when there is no hidden agenda! Often the ego will market itself to you as true love until its love is put to test and then if your sufficiently aware you will realize the folly of identifying with the ego!

    Like I said life is an opportunity to love freely! True love requires you to open up and allow yourself to be vulnerable for only when you open up will you know that love can never hurt you!

    Always focussing on outcomes and goals is a very short sighted way of living! Love is infinite and for love to fill your life you must expand your understanding of your true nature and all challenges give you that option – Let Go and Love Yourself fully or be defensive and repeat history!

    For those who are willing to gamble and trade off name and fame forminner bliss enlightenment awaits you! For those who gamble for name and fame the illusion of success and failure awaits you and will keep giving you chances to wake up from this cosmic dream!

    Nobody can be asleep forever! Someday sometime your wisdom will ripen and you will see a more grand purpose to life beyond goals and wealth!


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