Do you remember the package deal you signed up for??? #Mindfulness #WisdomYoga #Contemplation #AwakenedMind

NO matter how hard you struggle you cant escape failure nor can you stop alternate cycles of success and failure. A lot of stress in the world is because your trying to battle this program designed to wake you up. The Mind has its inner aspect (thoughts) and the outer projection (World). They are illusions. An illusion can never be stable no matter how hard you struggle.!! Wake up and completely know your real self. That is the only thing that will give you peace!

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Mohan Sundaram
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One thought on “Do you remember the package deal you signed up for??? #Mindfulness #WisdomYoga #Contemplation #AwakenedMind

  1. You can truly be one who knows no failure only once you have given up identification with the mind and body for then you are the Divine Self the Master of the mind! So one way to use your ambition is to use it to fuel you towards this goal of becoming you’d divine higher self! Remind yourself that your goal to never fail can be achieved not through the method of struggle in the world but by first becoming Self Realized and channel your ambition into that space for you will have an unbeatable drive! The key thing is to use your ambitions, weakness, challenges and every situation to motivate you to know and become your divine real self which is the Master Mind of the cosmos!


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