Do you know what seeds you sow???#Leadership #Love #LifeisLove #WisdomYoga


Would you like a life of peace, and love?

If you do you must sow the seeds for them
so that you can enjoy the fruits!
How do you sow the seeds of peace and love?
It is through at least one daily act of kindness,
meditation, compassion to everyone you interact
with, service to the needy, prayer, ethical work, balanced
life with a purpose of expansion of love!

If you don’t consciously sow seeds of peace and we’ll being and love right now, you will keep experiencing your past over and over! Its like a bank! Invest in it with trust! It will release what you need exactly when you need and abundantly!

If you wish to be loved, give love and compassion!
If you wish people to be kind to you , give kindness yourself to people! You can only get what you give! You have always been receiving only whatever your givng!

Mindfulness and self investigation ( Who am I?) Are keys to unlock your inner peace!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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