Are you ready for the real challenge of expansion of love????? #Leadership #wisdom #LoveThyself #mindfulness #Compassion #Kindness


The real challenge and opportunity to grow and expand your love for all is what the ego tries to block you from seeing and keeps you busy with socially good things and masks its agenda and so on!

You may come across an intelligent kid in the village and you see the spark in him or her and maybe he or she does not have the resources to succeed! The ego now has an opportunity to sell it’s goodness nature to you! You jump in,, sponsor , grow the kid and make him a success story! GOOD JOB for sure and commendable!

Would you help a lame child with the same enthusiasm???? Chances are less because you don’t really know how successful he would become and you would also be uncertain in most cases as to what powers one has to help such people! It requires the magical power that only Love has! Only Love has that power to love and be compassionate even when the return on investment of time, money and effort is likely to be poor from the  command ego yardstick!

Expansion of love is about taking the challenge of being caring and Compassionate to those who can’t return you a favour! In most cases we help our friends, relatives, colleagues etc with an agenda! We invest time where there is a likely output of success because it makes the ego feel happy and proud that it made someone succeed!

Do you love truly????

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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