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Life is inverted when you try to understand and play the game outwardly! What your eyes and senses tell you is out there is actually not outside but the opposite I.e its your thoughts your thinking that appear to be out there!

Working Models of the world

Matter is king for the foolish ego!
No amount of struggle can change the outside until you review your model of the world and correct it inside out!
When you work from outside-in (Response mode or reaction mode) you come from the inverse model (matter over mind)!

Mind over matter to Inspired Living

When you evolve to a better model I e Mind over matter you will find your much less of a victim but your still not feeling at total peace and its time to evolve to the best model of ” Inspired or Enlightened living ” which is to identify totally with Spirit ( Atma or cosmic Consciousness or super conscious mind) and allow life to flow while you remain the blissful witness of the cosmos drama as it unfolds!

Overcome social conditioning! Learn from your lessons! Your refusing to see what is being shown!

You need to evolve and learn from your struggle that your methods are not working! Its obvious but because of social conditioning you don’t want to accept it! You don’t love yourself enough and fear being ostracized by your community, friends, professional community etc!

First erase confusion yourself and by yourself alone!

Don’t operate out of confusion and advice of others! Almost everybody out there is as clueless as you even if they give bold courageous speeches and act confident! I don’t here imply disrespecting anyone but don’t put anyone on a pedestal except the Truly enlightened formless higher self! Meditation, kindness and service is the best way to respect that formless intelligent higher self!

Confusion is first to be resolved before taking any direction! The straight up way to resolve confusion is to
Investigate ” Who Am I?””! Meditation, service, kindness, compassion and self inquiry are the ingredients that will help resolve confusion!

Once your clear everything happens on its own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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