Did you administer Vitamin – C, K, H to your…….#Love #Leadership #purposefullyliving #wisdom #selfRealization #


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2 thoughts on “Did you administer Vitamin – C, K, H to your…….#Love #Leadership #purposefullyliving #wisdom #selfRealization #

  1. Life is an opportunity to love your Self!

    The best way to Love Your Self is to look within and observe your thoughts! Its quick and you move across your sub conscious data fast! But most people are too scared to look within and instead run out into the illusion and seek security in work, relationship etc but you will never find any security anywhere!

    The next best way to Love Your Self when you don’t look within is through relationships! You relate to people everyday at work, home etc! They are like the mirror in your house! Does your mirror make mistakes??? So too whatever you notice in people you interact with is a reflection of a thought going on in your mind!
    The purpose of such reflection is to awaken you and tell you that your still asleep and dreaming ( I.e. your memories are still thinking) and its time to wake up!

    Instead of saying thank you to the person for showing you that your asleep your taught in the world to judge him or her and make their life miserable! Its a pityful and ignorant way of life!

    Life is an opportunity to love Your Self!
    Your Self is Awareness and is also the self in all!
    When you observe your judgements of poeple whom you thought were different you will feel one with your self in all!

    Don’t waste precious moments of life in complaint and judgement!
    Love in the form of compassion, kindness, service, humility must be taught to youth! Teach your kids to meditate and love!
    But before you can be a teacher you must have conviction in these values and its best gained by yourself realizing and living the values of love and compassion!


  2. When you interact with anyone pay attention to ” How you feel??” What sensations rise and where?? What happens to your breathing??? what stories play in your mind? What words show up???

    Do you need to do anything? NO! Just observe and be content with observing! In observation transformation ” happens on its own!” Trusting this process and leave it to its course!!!


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