Are you unhappy, worried, confused, lost, in pain, in problems???#Hooponopono #WisdomYoga #Mindfulness #LoveYourself #Meditation #Leadership


Mohan Sundaram
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One thought on “Are you unhappy, worried, confused, lost, in pain, in problems???#Hooponopono #WisdomYoga #Mindfulness #LoveYourself #Meditation #Leadership

  1. Most people go around fixing fires day-in and day-out not knowing that life is meant to be much better than that!

    The main fire is ignorance or ego. Its an illusory belief that you are the mind and body! Actually these things are empty concepts and do not really exist even now as you read this!

    This false sense of I can’t be uprooted by being Busy in the world chasing success, goals etc! It can only be uprooted in calmness and inquiry of the type ” Who Am I?”

    Hard work and busy schedules when and if done “mindfully” will reveal a disconnect between your belief of the world of outcomes and promises of the mind and the delivered values of the mind even after hard work!

    Young people should be thought the truth first, theñ made to work hard and realize that the physical world does not and will not give satisfaction! That is the learning out of struggle! Its not just about hard work! You must wake up and realize your joy has not grown! That’s a wisdom!

    Repeating the same old thing under different banners, names, lives, places can’t change a fundamental learning that the world can’t give joy! Its an empty house! You are Joy! You are the Power House!

    You have to graduate from;

    Matter over mind (victims life)


    mind over matter (responsibility)


    Being Awareness ((Let Go of the Illusion)

    Love is awareness! It is not physical! To love your enemy does not mean to hug him or her! It means being aware of the thoughts that rise in your mind when you think or interact with them and as you stop reacting to thoughts you unplug from liking and disliking simultaneously!

    Freedom is not having abundant money to fulfill your whims and fancies! Freedom is to be free of mind ( free from whims and fancies of likes and dislikes) and when you unplug from the mind which is an illusion truth stands Self Evident!

    You are God! You are the Truth or whatever you like to call it! The illusion of individual and separation is once for all dissolved into the ocean of universal love!

    Responsibility at its highest level is about emptying the mind so that love can fill it instead of the whims and fancies acquired over many lives!


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