Your life movie! Your Responsibility! Be 100% Responsible! #leadership #mind #Freedom #WisdomYoga


Most people ” believe” they are victims of life and choose suffering, pain, etc but keep this secret in your mind and heart and contemplate it. Many people want you under their control, many leaders who controlled others misled people to believe these theories that life is meant to be a struggle, painful so that they can use your services forever! Now is a time where slavery must come to an end through love and not by protests!

Enlighten yourself! You are God! You are not the mind or body! You are the Master of the Mind not its slave!

When thoughts rise if your aware they need not become manifestations when your aware and if your not they have to and you have to deal with its impact! What you choose to believe gets your power of God to appear as true! So if you like suffering choose it and it will be your reality and since you are God what ever you desire is Powered By You!
What are the beliefs you have?
Bring them into your awareness and scrutinize them the way you do your financial audits!!!

Want to change your belief?
Step 1 : Stop the blame game
Step 2: Take 100 % Responsibility – Look Within
Step 3: Let Go – watch your thoughts as if they don’t belong to you, just like you believed them earlier, now believe it’s not yours and just watch and do nothing
Step 4 : When you stop identifying with the Mind, Inspiration (In Spirit – anchored in spirit- you will be driven by your Super Conscious Self that can’t make mistakes!)

Leaders don’t build followers! Dictators build followers! Leaders build leaders and set people free from darkness!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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