How much have you evolved today????

At the end of the day it does not matter how many millions you made, how many corporate takeovers you did, etc!


Ask yourself sincerely today and everyday have I grown in love and compassion even by a fraction of an inch or am I still the same hard hearted cruel fellow who does not love even himself before loving others????…

Life is love! Love is life! To be mindful of thoughts, feelings and emotions is to that rise in the mind is to love yourself!

Love Thyself

If you don’t live from love and compassion you’re as good as dead! That’s why many people go back home like dead zombies! If success were the ultimate purpose of life why then would that not give you joy! The fact that you’re still left with a vaccum is a pointer to a more grand and meaningful purpose of life!

Compassion is love in action! Love is a word that people can relate too with different meanings depending on ones own level of understanding of who they are! While physical forms of love are also love they are the lowest energy version! The purest highest energy of love is consciousness and the means to return to that is Compassion and Mindfulness! Consciousness is universal I e it is whole and one and in all life and when you begin to be mindful you connect to universal consciousness and start to feel one with everyone and everything without exception and that’s when you begin to feel compassionate!

Its common thing in the world to judge and review others and tell them about their flaws but do you realize that if you did not have those flaws how could you notice it in them?? If such be the case don’t you think that the person you noticed is actually trying to show you something that your holding on to (some memory that your also stuck with)?? In fact he or she is a God send to awaken you!

For those who are serious about evolving you must do an honest introspection! What situations of my life now and in the past do I exhibit the same attitude and behaviours that I am judging in him or her?? It does not have to be the same situation but you will find you do similar theme reactions with others in your life which is being mirrored to you now!! When you sincerely seek within you the flaw it will be revealed and you will soon let go of it and here comes the magic..the person you judged also progresses to the same degree as you make progress! Everyone is connected! If you’re stuck you keep me and everybody stuck! When you have love and compassion you will not want to keep anyone stuck and ensure you let go of all
Memories in you so that everyone everywhere can be free!


When you feel sad when you see someone suffering, sad or struggling with life its a sign that your compassion is working at last! Life is an opportunity to grow in love! Love is Mindfulness! Don’t waste it being cruel and hard on yourself and others! Live a life of love and awaken to your reality!!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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