There is only broken pieces outside…#wisdom #leadership #mind #WakeUp #KnowThyself #PeaceIsNowHere


Don’t waste precious time looking for peace outside!
Outside is pieces of mind brought about by thinking!
While peace is the wholeness of being mindful…it already exists even in your most chaotic moments…

In deep sleep, we feel peace because we INTUITED our inner real being in the absence of a world…the world is a screen projection….vanishes into nothing leaving the peace of awareness alone as existence in deep sleep and comes out as a world in night and waking dreams…in all these stages – waking, dream and deep sleep- you are the witness of the stages…that’s why you recall you had a peaceful sleep, you recall your dreams….truth is eternal…changeless…its not what you did or happened to you yesterday and so on . those are changing phenomenon…
When you meditate deeply you can in full alertness watch the world vanish and know all the time that your the witness..the eternal immortal principle of life….

Truth is not to be achieved! It is to be intuited! You don’t need to seal you lips to be silent! When thoughts rise remind yourself how can I be the thought or the thinker..i am aware of these and as you think along these lines you will INTUIT your oneness with that silent witness behind the thoughts..and the more frequently you do this you let go of identifying with thoughts and merge back into your immortal reality!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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