Can you manifest anything you want???

Can you manifest anything you want???


Ever since beginning of mankind man has always been in search of power. Power has traditionally been defined as ones ability to control a scenario which could be controlling people, events etc which I have boiled it down to the question ” Can you have or manifest anything you want?”

The Secret and many such books promote this line of thinking.
I do acknowledge having read these books and have found some encouragement and help from these books too . They are not wrong but they are not fully true in their sequence of arriving at the claim that you can have anything you desire especially if your looking at wealthy lifestyle s etc which revolve around the ego concept!

At an absolute level of identity you are the Divine and it does not matter what form of the divine you choose to follow, but you have those powers with you!
Having said that it is critical to examine the lives of these Avatars ( as we call them in Hinduism) I.e the divine descended for a purpose and endowed with powers for accomplishment of a purpose! One thing that will strike anyone who pays close attention to detail of such lives is that they don’t ever use their powers on themselves or for any kind of selfish need and this is so because they are devoid of the concept of ” a personalized individual self ! ” All their powerful miracle manifestations are driven by compassion for their essence in everyone suffering and thus love, Compassion are the fuel for such miraculous powers they manifest!

Powers of manifesting anything at will are true and reserved for those who let go of identification with the selfish ego and identify with the selfless Divine! Power in the hands of ego is like allowing a kid to play with fire! Not only can the kid damage the world but hurt himself more! Each of us have the potential to become and merge with that Selfless Powerful One if we wish to!

It’s the risk of hurting oneself that is the Divine Compassion that keeps the ego from accessing such powers for they produce harm more than anything else to your progress in life! Your job here is to let go of the concept of the individual personal self and embrace the One Self in All and for that the most important requirement is to surrender I.e let go of the mind and embrace your higher self.


All your experiences whatever they be are Perfect for your Awakening to the truth that your not the mind or body! On the contrary if you had the power to use powers for Selfish reasons like enjoying success, wealthy lifestyle etc it beats the purpose of life architecture designed to awaken!

Self actualization takes courage and effort to embrace life the way it is and embrace it wholeheartedly! Embracing the wholeheartedly is the goal I.e. whatever your now is you must love it and want it exactly that way and when you want it that way it will become void and vanish and leave you in your pristine original truth.

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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