The Right Way to produce change instead of complaining

Change happens when you let go of the mind! Letting go is not something you ” do”! It happens when you mindfully watch the movement and patterns of the mind! Essentially your mind has accumulated lots of viral programs over many lives that need to be quarantined and deleted so that you can be and manifest that Magical being that your meant to be now and here!

Your Mindset Coach

Monday 9th September 2015, 9:19 AM

Often people want better lives but don’t know really what they mean by better and how to “make it happen.”

Now this analogy will help you understand how to make it happen.

Think of Life as a stage and we are given roles by the director of the movie. Some seem to have nice roles some seem to hate their roles. The first step to understand is that in this movie much like a running train there is a way to change course but it does not happen by complaining, blaming, feeling jealous etc.

Only after the director approves can your role be changed. By complaining to your colleagues, spreading negative vibes is a waste of time and the director is awareness. It is Perfect. Your roles are determined by your past actions and basis that you have memories that only allow you certain…

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