Your are the most beautiful! Just Be Your Self!

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Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

One Reply to “Your are the most beautiful! Just Be Your Self!”

  1. Awakening is unlike a wordly achievement an inverse process! You achieve enlightenment through relaxation. For most people because they are stressed out, relaxation is equated to sleep, but true relaxation is a very high level of alertness so much so you can catch the whole process of the rise of the ego and mind and thereafter it can’t fool you! When you deeply relax your reconnected with your own higher self and this higher self is universal,I.e everyone who realizes themselves will come into contact with the same higher self…at the level of the highest self there is only One…and we are all actually that Beautiful One….which has imagined itself as all this many names and forms..that’s why the way back home is to love all…


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