Do you…….?


In most of the corporate world, its a judgement game, then fire following a hire!

If you want to use your work to evolve spiritually you must approach differently! The people you deal with are only giving you a chance to love yourself! Since your not looking inward, the only option you have is to love yourself through the illusion of others!

You judge only because your not compassionate even with your self! You beat yourself up to. If you don’t feel sad and compassionate it means your ego is ruling in your heart not your true self!

When you evolve to your higher self you will feel sad and compassionate for those who under perform and you will never call them under performers since they are reflecting something you have!

You can make your life meaningful if you instead handhold those people, and help them through to make it! When you do so you are loving yourself and both of you are evolving to oneness!

Make your life meaningful through love! Don’t waste it being hard hearted and cruel with yourself and others! Be loving and kind to all!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

One thought on “Do you…….?

  1. When you FEEL compassionate its a sign that your evolving into love for compassion is an extension of love, its a sign that your intuiting your Your oneness with everyone! Compassion to the egoistic people is considered weakness! For an egotist, self victory is the only concern, to the evolving soul victory is useless unless it is victory for all! Love, compassion are divine and its your only true strength! With these you can and are sure to cross the sea of illusion and be awakened into your higher truth!


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