The Right Way to produce change instead of complaining

Monday 9th September 2015, 9:19 AM

Often people want better lives but don’t know really what they mean by better and how to “make it happen.”

Now this analogy will help you understand how to make it happen.

Think of Life as a stage and we are given roles by the director of the movie. Some seem to have nice roles some seem to hate their roles. The first step to understand is that in this movie much like a running train there is a way to change course but it does not happen by complaining, blaming, feeling jealous etc.

Only after the director approves can your role be changed. By complaining to your colleagues, spreading negative vibes is a waste of time and the director is awareness. It is Perfect. Your roles are determined by your past actions and basis that you have memories that only allow you certain roles. When you want to change your life take 100% responsibility for your life. Nobody is to blame but yourself. People believe they are holy cows just because they act kind and good but you will know who you are when you look within.

When you look within and mindfully acknowledge your thoughts and feelings the director (awareness) which is divine and is love itself helps you let go of thos ememories that keep you stuck where you are and slowly your ole will improve and quite before you know it you will climb the ladder and obtain more peace, happiness and all the blessings of mindfulness.

People spend a good no of years blaming others but when you take 100% responsibility you have infinitude of power to produce transformation. When the director has connected with you or rather when you have connected with the director (love, awareness) transformation and change of role is possible and quick for the director alone has the power to change the script of the movie.

Complaining, blaming etc is like shouting at a wall which is essentially your own ego.

So remember from this moment be mindful! Choose your company well. Stay away from negativity and complainers…Be a loner and when your alone you will connect to the director and never feel lonely. many people live with so many people around them and they are completely lonely and lost….because their mind is scattered into pieces…

Peace is wholesome and is attained through mindfulness. When your peaceful you can see through and learn your lessons fast and take corrective actions…

2 thoughts on “The Right Way to produce change instead of complaining

  1. Reblogged this on Living Joyfully and commented:

    Change happens when you let go of the mind! Letting go is not something you ” do”! It happens when you mindfully watch the movement and patterns of the mind! Essentially your mind has accumulated lots of viral programs over many lives that need to be quarantined and deleted so that you can be and manifest that Magical being that your meant to be now and here!


  2. The word hard work and ” life must be a struggle” is hard sold too often! One must work and put effort! There are no debates about that whatsoever! Yet, “struggle” happens when you jump into effort without understanding the rules of the game of life and the purpose built into it! Most people have no clue and hence they believe struggle is the only way!

    There is a wise way! I have been blessed with this experience of being awake as a formless being while all of what we see vanishes into nothingness and once again comes out from you as a projection! Its a mind game! That day of realization changed my view and perception inside out!

    Life is not difficult or easy! It simply Is what you desire it to be! In the absence of any desire it simply IS!

    Struggle happens when you don’t understand the mind model correctly!
    Let’s first help those who want success and we’ll come to those who seek truth in the end as that will be very few!

    Now for the success seekers although the outer seems so real, erase that model! The outer experience is a projection of your thoughts! Hard work is no use and won’t get you anywhere if you don’t work on your thoughts also! You can’t change your actions until you choose the right thoughts for actions are driven by thoughts and thoughts make the mind and the mind is Your World!

    How can you change thoughts?Your don’t need to! Simply accepting 100% responsibility changes things automatically.. Look within and watch your thoughts! Just do that! You are your own guru! When you do that your own personal Guru ( who is actually your higher intelligence) will show you!

    Looking within is called meditation! You can learn to meditate from this video :

    You can meditate anywhere! You don’t need a pyramid! Wherever you are is the best place! Start now and don’t waste time complaining! Be winners! You are God! Your not a looser and nobody is allowed to loose! You take rebirths over till you stop identifying yourself as the body and realize you are God! Failure is not failure! Its a validation and when you fail its teaching you that your model of the world based on your understanding who you are is incorrect!


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