Life is a school! The Ego a student! Awareness the teacher!

See life as a school of experiences and take yourself to be the student. Learning is complete when you pay attention ( be mindful) of thoughts and feelings triggered by the experiences.

As you grow in power and position its very easy to get carried away by your ego and it all happens without your knowing it. The only way you can be kept under control is through speed breakers ( failures). The more successful you are you also tend to think that your job is to judge people and fix them etc. All this constitutes the play of the false sense of self.

The real self is a void empty and hence blissful…this false self pretends to be the real self and when you identify with that belief thoughts and ideas of this false self seem real to you….and project the dream..the key to freedom is to dissociate from the false I feeling by mindfulness and directly questioning it….when it is questioned it vanishes..when it is not questioned it gets your attention by creating mischief.

learning is never complete. If it were complete you would not be here. Don’t allow the ego of success and excitement to to allow you to think ” I made it”.,Often in business people think Self Actualization is this kind of having made it but that’s bullshit.

The real ” You made it” is when you realize that this world and your body abs everybody is an illusion called mind that was projected by you to let go and be free.

In this context its worth understanding connected words: Attachment – thoughts – ignorance- ego. They are all related mean the same thing and also are aspects of each other.

What you see through your physical eyes is wrong. They are projection of your thinking as if they out there…like in a dream while you lie down you can imagine a city with buildings and many people etc..where dis they come from?? They were imagined by the ego …to relive memories and let go and while you were dreaming they seemed real enough to keep you believing it until you woke up.

Your success and failure are dreams. They are not reality. Don’t get fooled to take it as true. This world is castles in air.

Like in your school if you did not pay attention to your class you would not be able to grasp the lesson and that means you have to relearn that lesson.

What you see out there is a projection. The lesson or class is your memories..your unresolved conflicts carried over…they are your thoughts…pay attention to them mindfully and that’s how you learn from the  teacher…since thoughts and its projections are illusions over doing a life of activity is not the solution to anything.

The word attachment is related to thinking. It simply means you have identified with thoughts as your nature and when you don’t look within, the way life teaches you that your attached is by showing you a story of your life weaved with your thoughts as the theme…your not here to drive the movie to a taste of your choice but to recognize that your dreaming up a movie and must wake up.

Good vs bad

what is good?

selfless deeds are good because they wake you up…meditation is not selfish…it leads you to love all so too through service, charity you will develop love and love for meditations..both ways work and complement each other…

what is bad?

deeds that make you more identified as the individual ego…for e.g chasing results, chasing pleasure, chasing success, running away from pain and failure, fearing failure, death etc..

To summarize know that the ego is evasive and keep yourself balanced. Its in the chaos of excitement and depression that ego thrives. Mindfulness gives you the balance.

how do I watch my thoughts?

mind is breath. Start with watching your breath and don’t alte it..witness it observe its patterns…note also the tendency to alter it…that I attachment…as you do so…observe the sensations I your fully present with them..stop judging good and bad ..they are both illusions…just be present mindfully..when you start to drift away from the breath it’s the thoughts blowing you away…don’t panic..there is no war or emergency… Just bring yourself back to the breath…don’t be interested in the thought..don’t be interested in self improvement or any matter of the world except watching the breath….that’s the way to meditate…

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