Managing Time


Those who do ” don’t talk”! They just do! Those who don’t do ” don’t do!” They “only talk”. Do you “do” or “talk?” #Leadership #Mindfulness

Take money for e.g. When you have a desire and money available you have a choice, fulfil your desire and if you do money is spent. You cant expect to fulfil and not spend your money. That kind of hesitation tears you up, it splits your mind into pieces and eventually hits your health.

Decisions must be made and for that fear of failure must go. There is no failure for anyone. There are only lessons. For some if your willing the lessons can be in the mind by reliving memories and that’s faster and efficient but for those who are not able to or not wanting to look within life gives you the chance to learn through decisions.

Here too like money attention is currency. Once you spend it, its currency lost. You have to earn it again through meditation and stillness. Spend your attention wisely. Frittering it on paltry matters in an illusory world is bad time management.

Being busy does not make you a good time manager! You could be busy because your scared of stillness! If your busy evolving into selflessness that’s Noble but workaholism to avoid your fears is a mere show which the world may reward but in the realm of true progress it scores zero!

Good time management is when you align everything that you do to the purpose of life I.e expansion of awareness (love), the expansion of a selfish ego that runs after rewards into one that works for selfless causes and eventually this awakens you to the truth that the cosmos is an illusion.

Look within. How well are you managing time?

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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