Is your life logical or magical?


Most of us who think we are logical people should really rethink and evaluate ourselves. If you were to carefully introspect your life and look back at your experiences, your claim of being logical would stand challenged! If you were truly logical and scientific in your way of living, you would approach experiences without a bias but how often have you done so?

We are almost always biased in our approach towards anything and how many even seek to know the origin of their bias? We presume its correct and evaluate the world and its inhabitants through these biases that hail from our memories that we are totally unconscious of.

On the contrary if you learn to unplug from the mind by meditation you automatically connect to your divine heart and your operation there is beyond logical scope! The heart is the seat of complete knowledge of your past, and future and when you trust your heart you will be inspired and live an inspired life!

What keeps you from living an inspired life is the sub conscious !memories that appear as our thoughts and when you identify with these memories you think your logical while your actually insane!

To believe that you are the body- mind complex is insanity!
It is a complete inversion of truth where you take the illusion for truth and dismiss the truth (the invisible formless) as fake!

Even if you want to be truly logical be unbiased and logical! Approach of an issue with a predetermined aim is a bias! To believe the invisible does not exist because you can’t see it is foolish! So too to take for granted that which is visible is truth is equally foolish!
To see what truly exists, you have to transcend the mind I.e get beyond the influence of memory! As long you operate from the head, your seeing what your memory dictates and that constitutes a dream! If you wish to dismiss a dream as false you must Let Go of All Dreams and what is left after you let go of all thoughts is Truth!

You are that Truth already right now and here! Name, form and experiences constitute a dream and have absolutely No reality in them whatsoever!

When you operate from your heart, life becomes Magical!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

3 thoughts on “Is your life logical or magical?

  1. There is so much unknown that it doesn’t seem logical (:-) to limit ourselves to logic. Feelings are not logical, and they indeed exist and have a strong influence on how we exist. Loved the post, thank you.


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