Stop sailing! Happiness island is a fiction! Just anchor into now and here right now!


The ego is a foolish thing! Yet it won’t admit it’s ignorance! It would rather act confident and tell you how it is ready to navigate even in a storm sea!

For most of us our minds are like rough seas

Our minds are rough seas, our bodies are like these ships! The captain of the ship is the ego. This ship is in search for an island of happiness, a purely conceptual one,  that does not actually exist anywhere! Even the roughest ocean at its deepest is still! So too, while the mind is tossed into large waves on the outer surface, deep down if you dive deep into your awareness, you will know the mind is still as you dive deeper and closer to your higher self and as you do dive deeper the illusion of worldly existence vanishes of its own !

Peace of mind is the most useful thing to have, not pieces!
A mind that is ruffled with millions of concepts is not conducive for progress in any field! Its crucial for the foolish ego captain to surrender & rather sacrifice itself and instead choose to obey the divine higher self! Life is designed to make the ego surrender and accept the will of the divine higher self! Empty the mind of concepts and be like water that can take the shape of any vessel into which it is poured!

Anchor into the Now-Here

Like the wise captain drops anchor, you must also stop searching and drop your anchor into the Now-Here through meditation, prayer and service. Stop searching for this imaginary island of happiness!You are yourself happiness

Means are many

The means to drop the anchor are many! One of them is to turn your attention inward and stay a witness of breath at a fixed point!

You could question every thought ” Who is thinking followed by Who Am I?”

You could simply visualize surrender of thoughts by offering every thought to your higher self!

You could use Hooponoppno and I am sure there are many more methods that people use..

Success or Awakening – First micro manage your mind
The key thing is whether you want to be successful or whether you want to awaken, the mind needs to tamed, focussed and anchored in the now here!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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