Mindfulness is gratitude put into practise!


I have often wondered about saying ” Thank You”! It is easy and pleases people but am I really thankful? Very often I am not even though I say thank you and this is again a contradiction of the mind to cover up its internal happenings!

What I have learned through my Meditation is that the world is an illusion a reflection of your intentions! Even when you say Thank You what really is reflected back to you is not the Thank You but your intention behind it! Are you truly thankful??

It is better to keep quiet and instead be Mindful and when your Mindful you will know whether you are Truly Thankful or not and how often are you genuinely Thankful!

Mindfulness is gratitude in action! Gratitude does not mean you must feel grateful even when you don’t feel so. You could be feeling pain in you, or whatever it is and you must be grateful for whatever your feeling Now for only then can you Let Go of it and move on!
Being grateful for only good things is not gratitude! Its the ego and conditioned love! Gratitude should be for everything for everything is teaching you something valuable to awaken you and such all encompassing gratitude is only through watching your mind ( mindfulness)! In fact when you truly are grateful you become Silent! Words are empty vessels that make noise but mean nothing! When your mind is empty, only then can you be inspired and awakened by the divine presence!

Mohan Sundaram
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