What did you notice about the people you met today?


make note of things that interest you both positively ( like) and negatively (dislikes)! Write them down in your diary! one by one revisit them but do it mindfully! Think of the people you like and hate and what you noticed in them and relive it and now notice also what those produce in you, how does it alter your heart beat, what happened to your breathing, what words showed up, note everything

I intentionally used the mirror picture to tell you what you notice about others has something to do with you! Your indirectly responsible for they being like that with you!

Now here is the tough part and works only for those who are really willing to make genuine progress! Spiritual journey is an inward journey, not an outward journey of name, fame and power! Its about inner power of love and igniting it to burn up your impurities!

Your attachments are your impurities! Your thoughts are your attachments! Your thoughts made you notice those traits you have in you in someone else and to teach you what traits you need to let go off those very people came in to your life to be a mirror for you in the world while your working , in your family, client circle etc! This wisdom has no errors and if you take it to your heart and accept where you have those traits in your life that is letting go!

When you deny you fail your exam and can’t graduate! You must resit your exams again until you surrender and accept your own mistakes!

This is true whether your going to use it at work, with your clients, your business ….
The goal is not an ideal or good image but to empty the mind of all concepts – Good ones and bad ones so that there is no need for reflecting back anything to you!

The goal of life is to set yourself free from the notion of the mind body world being true! They are illusions! Solid matter is an illusion! Rebirth are not fancy stuff! They are opportunities for you to resit your failed exams and break free and to return to Being Love! love is awareness!

This is the best service you can render to society – enlighten and awaken yourself first!

Mohan Sundaram
email: Mohan.Sundaram.73@gmail.com
Skype: Mohan.Sundaram.73@live.com
what’s ap: +918790171132

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