Your the sky! Just Relax!


Fear, pain, anxiety are memories in your sub conscious that have been triggered by life and for a good cause! They are stuck in the mind and must be released and they can be released only if you stop reacting to them. When thoughts like these arise don’t run away!
Remind yourself your the sky and these clouds are just passing by! If you don’t engage them, they won’t engage you, they are just travellers!

The key to not engaging them is to be mindful I.e watch thoughts rise and fall and do absolutely nothing about them! When you feel the urge to react hold back, take a deep breath and hold and release consciously! Be aware of all the impact they produce, the sensations, the impact on your heart rate and breathing and Do Nothing.  Remind yourself ” I am aware of these and they are different from me!”

Remembering this is the key to freedom! You don’t need to fix anything! Your already Perfect! All you need to do is remember that and stop identifying with what your not!
Your not the body, mind, thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions! Your just the witness!

The grand goal of life is to let go of this illusion called life as a body! To be able to let go of that you must start with smaller things first:
Let Go of the seeking for happiness from others
Let go of the desire for reward
Let go of identifying with thoughts words feelings emotions – meditate

Letting go is effortless when you understand Who Am I! Seek out your truth! Knowing truth is more useful and helpful than trying to believe things! In belief there is a challenge! Your memories and experiences might contradict your belief and weaken it!

In meditation you know and experience the truth! There is no need for you to make effort to believe for you become one with your truth and such people can’t be shaken by anything false even if its a powerful earthquake for they know birth and death are illusions! only consciousness exists! All that comes and goes are passing dreams!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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