Chicken first or egg first or….Who has the question first??


For those who want to transcend the mind and break free from the constraints of time and space it would be valuable for you to understand the mind as debate. Debate keeps the mind occupied and your job is to transcend the mind I e not fix it but just like a rocket breaks out of gravity with escape velocity, develop inner strength of awareness and stay anchored there! Don’t get pulled into debate! Your already stuck in it and you need to pull yourself out to set yourself free.

It does not matter whether chicken or egg was first! What matters is truth and truth is existence itself upon which the rest of the illusion comes and goes! Existence did not come and won’t go so first and second are irrelevant. That’s why it’s zero formless. It can imagine and take any shape….

The way out of mental debates and into freedom is to not seek answers. Answers bind you. Creation is an illusion and all answers are useless beyond a short period of your life where they have some relative usefulness!

What is eternally useful is to know who you are and you do that by knowing ” What you are not!”

Your aware of thoughts, hence they are not yours
Your aware of the body so your not the name and form
Your aware of feelings so they are not you
Your aware of emotions so they are not you
Your aware of debates so they are not you

Question your thoughts! That’s the way to freedom!
Who is thinking? The moment you ask this thoughts stop. Now ask Who am I? And while you do this pay attention to your breath in the heart region… You will notice the I thought (breath) returning back into the heart where your source lives…through your heart if you return alll thoughts back to the source you will return back to your eternal universal omnipresent omniscient nature!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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