Thoughts Vs Karma or is it thoughts = Karma????


Now I am not really here to debate but would like to use this
Topic to lead you to a secret on how karma operates! Once you grasp it you can progress faster in clearing up karma and enlighten yourself faster while you live in the world!

From a popular and majority stand point of view karma is understood as good and bad events brought about by ones own actions and that’s perfectly good. The cause of action is thoughts and thoughts are caused by unresolved memories. Depending on the nature of these memories thoughts take a pattern!

When they are highly egoisitic I.e revolving around I am the body, life has its job of teaching you that you are not just the body but everybody and beyond! But since your identification with the body is so strong making you insensitive to your doings and how you make the people you interact with feel you must yourself experience what you give others! Through many such experiences you begin to sub consciously understand ” I am not just this body “and what I do will come back to me “so let me now at least be selfishly wise and be kind, compassionate and do good works! ”

Such learning takes many lives also and as you do more light enters your life and you begin to seek who you are!

As you evolve and your understanding of who you are grows into love and compassion for all you will also become intuitive and sensitive. You know how others feel and also feel what they feel. The only thing is you still think they are others and not you! In such a scenario you of your own do less harmful actions and instead do more kind and good actions!

Now here is the big secret! You don’t have to work through karma so slowly! When you have a meditative bent of mind & interest in self enquiry, its more efficient to work out karma at the thought level! Simply neutralize memories meditatively! When you take the world as real karma must feel real and difficult! Once you know it’s a mind game you can neutralize the story in the mind itself!

Rather than waiting for karma to rebound to you as colleagues, friends, enemies, clients etc you can visit your memories in meditation and allow them to rise and fall and play out by revisiting and reliving your past lives mindfully!

As far as memories are concerned they must be neutralized and it does not have to be only in the physical world where things are slow, painful! When you clean your sub conscious through meditation or many other means like Hooponoppno you allow memories to rise and watch them play out and when you do this in your dreams and in meditation, you move through the data faster! You clean up garbage faster!

Every night before sleeping I write Hooponoppno mantra ( I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you) 108 times, do some AUM chanting (OM chanting) and I find in my dreams the sub conscious takes me to those memories that need healing and day by day i am becoming more and more intuitive, whole, complete, peaceful…its much like a lot of toxic stuff has got released from me!!.

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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