Should you self evaluate or instead evolve??

We live in a world obsessed with evaluation at all stages be it work or home but if you think about it what is the use of evaluating anything when everything in the world is constantly changing!

Our eyes being attached to the illusion does not see through the trick of time but as your divine eyes open up you see through the folly of a model that we have believed is true and solid!

In fact nothing ever remains constant except the Real You and all that is changing is evolving through series of validations back to the Real You which is universal not personal!

The desire to evaluate and measure is what keeps you from meditation and contemplations because we always want results but in a world beyond the physical, results have no place at all! The physical world is an illusion and our experiences are simply waking us up to our higher reality.

Much like when you climb a ladder you let go of the lower step after firmly holding and anchoring into the higher step, meditation, who am I? Etc help you anchor firmly in your Higher You so that you can safely let go of the illusory you…

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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