Our Mind Is a Factory!

This is an analogy to help integrate Mind Body Awareness into your daily life!

When are you finishing your MBA?

Your mind is a factory of thoughts (desires) and much of these are from very ancient memories of your many lives! Depending on the state of affairs of thoughts this factory output will either be a healthy and happy output which will reflect as a healthy body. When you have good quality thoughts ( loving and compassionate) you will be healthy, selfless and compassionate! Also, when your quality of thoughts is good, you will progress fast in understanding and attaining Self Realization!

When the thoughts are chaotic the result is bad health, and so on!
When your thoughts are egotistic you will have fear, anger and many such negative traits that will eventually manifest as illness, sadness etc! Now what happens when in a factory things are out of order? You need to manage affairs and the manager has to be disciplined!

Here the manager is the mind and it must be disciplined by mindfulness. The power of Mindfulness is never to be under estimated! It stems from awareness and awareness is the CEO of all mind body factories!

From this perspective life is like progressing towards an MBA degree. As you evolve to a higher understanding of who you are, you tame the unruly mind manager by bringing him under the control of the CEO ( awareness). Its surrendering the mind (ego) to the universal CEO and when that is complete that’s an enlightenment ..an MBA degree from the school of life…

Mohan Sundaram
email: Mohan.Sundaram.73@gmail.com
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2 thoughts on “Our Mind Is a Factory!

  1. World peace is an outcome of individual “peace” not pieces of mind! When each of us micro manage mindfully our thoughts and delete unloving thoughts, the impact is global. Wars, military can’t bring peace and security!
    Peace of mind can! Thinking fragments your mind into contradictory pieces and you have to bring these pieces back into yourself and glue them back into one whole peace! Awareness is like a glue. It heals the pieces and brings them back into one whole piece! This is the wisdom required for our world torn apart by wars and conflicts! The global fatory can be one that produces love, peace, prosperity and joy for all only when each individual factory and factory manager everywhere in the world works towards managing their factory responsibly!


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