Dead end and cliff ahead!!


We attempt our escape from boredom by trying to “innovate” new methods of “doing the same old stuff!” The Mind packages this escape attempt for you under the banner of creativity, innovation etc but eventually you will realize you can’t conquer boredom!

You have to surrender to it. The mind due to desires has an inherent wanderlust and they way to put an end to it is a dead end, or a cliff at the edge of which you have no choice but to make the leap with faith!

The body which is a part of the world is a figment of imagination much as the whole world and the story that propels it is! Since it is false it can’t excite and motivate you forever. It has to fail on those matters! When your wisdom ripens to realize that boredom is inviting you to break free and reclaim your true eternally happy nature, you will make rapid progress in that regard!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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