Are you scared to die???


Hey little self,

If you want freedom from fear, anxiety etc you must unwrap the gift pack ( fear of death)! Investigation of ” Who am I ?” Unwraps the gift of freedom from Truth!

You equate failure to death! You think you are the one that dies and is born and hence you have covered your true nature with clouds of fear!

If you desire freedom conquer your fear of death with love. Love is mindfulness! Watch your thoughts from a distance! Investigation of who am I will set you free!

Going to the gym, six pack, iron man, workaholism won’t help you overcome fears. Neglect it and it becomes disease! Pay attention to it mindfully and your free and healed of all ailments!

What you fear the most is also what you desire! You know deep down in you the ego story is a fake and it must die and let the truth shine through!

Its your choice now to run away from fear or conquer it!

Good wishes,

Your Higher Self.

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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