The way you live is a reflection of who you believe yourself to be!


When you believe you are the mind – body combo:

To one who believes the world perceived
by senses is truth life is lived as actions
like moving. running, chasing goals etc etc!

When you know who you are is beyond the mind and the body:

For one who knows the outside is an illusion
and truth is inside being busy outside is of
no use! To journey inwards the vehicles are
tranquility, mindfulness, Meditation and
love for all life!

Expansion of love simply means to grow in understanding of ones true nature from ” I am the Body” to ” I am in everyone and everything and everywhere at all times ” to ” I am nothing and everything at same time!”

Keeping this goal in mind retrospect on all aspects of your life and ask yourself ” Am I expanding my loving awareness”? How can I change the way I live and do what I do differently to achieve this goal!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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