Solve problems mindfully and grow in love!!!


I am sure for many of us who have been taught that life is a struggle and we must fight for our existence and win etc , advice on mindfulness seems overly simple and you may have doubts to its efficacy but let me share some insights on how this works to some extent and also its connection to our higher nature!

The world of many people many cars many problems etc is from our identification with the mind and thoughts and we perceive ourselves as individuals but this is a myth! You can look at waves in an ocean and your mind will tell you there are many waves but now see it from an ocean perspective…its the same ocean that appears as many waves….now what is this ocean concept???? Its a sum totality of waves….

Now here is where I would like to draw your attention to our inter connectedness! The many waves are our names and forms and we ARE many within the bubble of relativity of time space! However we are invisible connected by an Awareness which is beyond time space relationship and is everywhere at all times!

Try this out..a small contemplation..

Just hold any thought you like and think about this…” How can I be aware of this thought if I am not the consciousness behind this thought??? Slowly you will intuit your existence as a consciousness behind thoughts!

This consciousness is not and can’t be personal! It has no name and form and is everywhere as it has no name and form! This universal conscious nature of yours is not just yours its universal and when your aware I.e Mindful your connected to the whole cosmos!

Let’s say your having a though time with some colleague! Be mindful of your thoughts! Don’t fuel them and just intuit your conscious nature and through that you will connect to the same conscious nature in your colleague…your feelings against people become like vacuum blocks and being Mindful enables you to connect to your higher self in you and others and flow of love is restored!

To take it one step further, your colleague is none but a god send! Why? He or she is also the same ocean appearing as a wave! How does it fit in? Everyone is a mirror of your mind and the essence here is the mirror reflects and has no bias! Your colleague was just telling you ” Hey, this is what’s going on in you!!” So that you can Let Go ( Let Go = Be Mindful) and restore your harmonious oneness with everyone and everything!

The goal of life is to expand love! Expansion of love means to grow from ” I am (put your name) living in ( put your place) to I am everyone and everything and everywhere to I am everything and everyone and nothing as well when I am one whole and complete unit as it happens once you shed name and form!”

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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