Freedom lies in knowing your reality!


Have you noticed when you watch a movie and your engrossed you take it for real and feel emotional connect with people so much so that you take learning’s from the movie into your after movie life also?

Now try watching a movie with mindfulness that it’s a movie not reality!

Did you notice the movie is not really exciting anymore??? Did you notice your extremes were less (less excitement and depression)??

Your waking world like your dream world is only an appearance not reality. It looks real because you have just like the movie example identified too deeply with the body and thoughts!

Its now time for you to return to your true home. Start unplugging now! You already have too much momentum! No need to accelerate anymore. Clutch and slow down and eventually apply brakes and get out of the mind body ego car!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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