Unplug from your mind! Oops that’s incorrect..Mind is not yours! Just Unplug it!

Before you unplug or even attempt unplugging you must know what is the nature of mind, where is it, what constitutes the mind. For most of us, the word mind would trigger concepts like the physical brain, intelligence, personality etc but at its essence what is the nature of the mind? The answer lies in this observation: in deep sleep, there is no thoughts, when there is no thought there is no world, no mind, no you, no others, no actions , no outcomes.

Hence mind is a thought! It is simply a thought not reality. No mind and no you no world etc reveals that the world that is experienced as you, others etc is the mind itself in its projected format.

If you take a movie as an example when you see it on screen its continuous after a lot of back and weaving but before it reached there, it was bits and pieces of concepts that have been weaved to make it a full fledged movie.

The essence is mind has its projection which is the world and the script for the movie is the thoughts. Now when you sit as a neutral observer in meditation you will know that thoughts rise and fall in their own…this implies that your not the thinker. They already have some energy but not enough to make a movie outside. They require your participation to make them get projected into a movie.

When you don’t know these secrets of the mind and you’re unconscious of the mind, you identify thoughts as you and they drive you. That, thoughts rise and fall in their own is because they are memories of not just one life but many many lives.

Your freedom lies in understanding that since you can watch the mind, your different from it entirely. You are not thoughts…. Good ones and bad ones….they are unresolved old memories of you and you actually have nothing to do with the world…it is playing itself out…

Thoughts rise over and over have you noticed… Often the same thoughts… The reason is they do so for validation by truth and by truth you are not the thoughts! Hence they will not rise anymore when you completely stop identification with them. Meditation and Mindfulness is the means to unplug.

Your plugged in and fuel the mind when you show interest in the matters of the world, when you chase success and fear failure, when you have and are driven by your opinions, when your result oriented…

Meditation is not something fancy. Its about living and realizing the truth that you are not the mind. 

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Mohan Sundaram
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