The best insurance policy is…….



For many elderly people they live in fear. They fear old age ailments and study about it deeply as much as close to inviting it. A lot of such fears are due to not living wisely.

People struggle to earn money and spend their money on doctors bills instead of living happily. I see people apart from food on table eat a regiment of medicinal food also and discuss the same with enthusiasm in get together!

Truth be told old age may slow you down but need not make you fall I’ll or develop a cancer etc! Health of the body is a reflection of the mind… mind is a bundle of thoughts… Going to the gym can keep your body fit but meditation, mindfulness, playfulness and self realization are the goals of life and keep your mind healthy..these weed out unloving thoughts….

Most often parental advice is keep this stuff for retirement and that’s because they did that and see the consequence! I believe firmly you can live a good life anchored in spiritual principles and bring all that you do into this gambit of evolving yourself if your willing to practise contentment, gratitude, balance, meditation, self realization as founding principles of your life!

For physical fitness this helps :

For mental fitness and evolving to your higher self :


Don’t waste your time and money on disease and illness! Focus on your life purpose and do all that you do to achieve that purpose!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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