Don’t solve it…..


Try this sometime:

Relax first with conscious breathing till your relaxed.
Now shift your attention to either your belly or nostril whichever works for you to observe breathing comfortably…

What does comfortably mean?
Did you notice when you tried to watch your breath invariably you try to alter it and there is a disturbance…..
Observe breathing patterns at the belly and at the nostrils..just observe
Did you notice that erratic thoughts breath is irregular??
Did you notice that there is not an equal  use of right and left nostrils?

Breath and mind are related!
When you watch breathing gradually mind becomes peaceful! Watching breathing is like applying clutch in your car to stop acceleration!

Question every breath now:
who is breathing?
Did you hear the ego (I respond) as “Me”
Question now the ” Me” with “‘Who Am I?”
Did you notice the breath (MIND) vanish into the heart?
Follow it as much and more and more each time…that’s taking yourself back to the source of not just You but the whole cosmos!.

As your meditative skill improves, and with blessings of the divine you will experience that in deep sleep as the world vanishes you exist not as a person or anything that can be described but as pure consciousness itself and from you arises the whole cosmos as a projection A dream that is projected and absorbed back like a spider!

Your perspective shifts immediately with such experience for you have been reconnected back to your divine higher self and you know and feel yourself in everyone and everywhere all the time….

Meditation and self knowledge lead you to love all for you are not just you. You are All!

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

One thought on “Don’t solve it…..

  1. A lot of health issues are due to imbalamce in breathing between the nostrils! As your meditation deepens with practise these imbalances improve and apart from your physical health intuitive powers and higher sense of oneness with all life grows and unfolds in your life…..


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