Do you prefer cure or prevention??? #mind #prevention #meditation #zen


Your Body is the vehicle that helps you know  your higher self. Look after it with care. Healthy mind leads to a healthy body……calm peaceful awareness leads toma healthy mind….meditate everyday and automatically you will be healthy from all points of view. Make meditation part of your life diet…

Your sub conscious is full of unresolved memories from Many lives and the resolution they seek is the wisdom that the world of experience is an illusion! If your willing to be 100% responsible, look within and watch your thoughts.

When your irresponsible you think the problem is out there but truly what you see outside is your unresolved memories working to get your attention just like a child does to get your attention.

Once your thoughts go out into the wonderland world they are complex to solve and take time. Rather if you look within you can work through your data ( unresolved memories) faster and easier and causes less problems in society also.

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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