Coma & Transition to spiritual planes from Many Masters Many Lives by Dr. Brian Weiss

“People who are in comas …are in a state of suspension. They are not ready yet to cross into the other plane …until they have decided whether they want to cross or not. Only they can decide this. If they feel they have no more learning …in physical state …then they are allowed to cross over. But if they have more learning, then they must come back, even if they do not want to. That is a rest period for them, a time when their mental powers can rest.”So people in comas can decide whether or not to return, depending upon how much learning they have yet to accomplish in the physical state. If they feel there is nothing further to learn, they can go directly to the spiritual state, modern medicine notwithstanding. This information meshed nicely with the research being published about near-death experiences, and why some people chose to return. Others were not given the choice; they had to return because there was more to learn. Of course, all of the people interviewed about their near-death experiences returned to their bodies. There is a striking similarity in their stories. They become detached from their bodies and “watch”resuscitation efforts from a point above their bodies. They eventually become aware of a bright light or a glowing “spiritual”figure in the distance, sometimes at the end of a tunnel. They feel no pain. As they become aware that their tasks on earth are not yet completed, and they must return to their bodies, they are immediately rejoined to their bodies and once again are aware of pain and other physical sensations.

Source: Many Masters Many Lives by Dr. Brian Weiss

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