Don’t just wish Good Morning! Wake up truly!


That the body and world looks so convincingly true and real is the illusion. Just like a dream appears real to a sleeper and he knows its only a dream as he begins to wake up, so too we need to stop dreaming (stop searching for happiness and start being content, happy and grateful ) so that we can wake up and known this world to be false.

The approach:

Till you identify yourself as the body and mind you will search for happiness in work, relationship etc blinded to the truth that you are happiness and you can’t find it.

The start and the finish!
Know your self. Seek out ” Who am I?” Loose yourself in the search completely…. Get immersed so much that you loose identification with body and mind. Meditate using meditation, music, painting whatever is your preferred inclination and as you did identify progressively you will find more peace and happiness of your inner self unfolding.

Mohan Sundaram
what’s ap: +918790171132

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