Who are you truly?????


Hey Little Self,

You might think why on earth should I ever investigate such a question especially when I have no reason to disbelieve that I am this physical body and maybe a bit more if I add on intelligence and thinking to my kitty of who I am.

The root of ignorance starts with this belief being taken for granted. The embarking on the journey of who am I for many is initially one of doubt and fear for it is shaking up the foundations upon which your living your dreams and aspirations.

Nevertheless the sooner you uproot this ignorance you will be able to lead a healthier more balanced and meaningful life.

When you go through life without knowing your real self, you see things inverted. You tend to believe the world is out there but its actually inside you. You tend to believe your friend or the world has a problem but they are merely showing you what you share in common with them.

Investigation of Who am I is not complex.
It is simple common sense. Just be alert and genuine. Set aside defensiveness and learn with an empty slate.

A great starting point is to analyze experiences from the perspective of a subject who knows the experiences and the experience itself as an object. For e.g. Look at any object in your room…

Now, would you say you are that object. Obviously No! But lets dig in here…why are we sure were not that object….simple it sounds but contemplate deep and let the answer be felt.

The reason your sure your not that object is because that is an object. Anything you know of is an object and you the subject are.different from the perceived object.

Now lets shift the centre.of investigation to your body. When you close your eyes or even with them open are you not aware of the body?  Well you obviously are so your body is an object and your just aware of it.

Your aware of breathing so your not the breath.
Your aware of thoughts so your not their thinker and hence they

Know Thyself First
Know Thyself First

don’t belong to you.

Whatever you know or you can know is not you..you are the hidden consciousness that can only be intuited through a subject object relationship.

The more frequently you investigate this truth the more of this miraculous you will unfold in your life.

Life is not meant to be logical. life is meant to be magical when you live from this invisible higher nature and is logical when you operate through the mind body concept.

Whether you like it of not someday this higher self calling in you will grow. For how long can a child play with a doll? So too you will off your own let go of the false and seek the truth.

Your friend’s can help you start a business, do your project etc but salvation is your own job. You have to free yourself someday and journey alone on the path. Start getting used to solitude and doing what’s right instead of only doing what you like.

Have a great weekend.

Your Higher Self..

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