Develop Will Power! # WillPower #Mind #Zen #Inspiration #Awareness

Will power is about evolving from :

Matter over Mind


Mind over Matter


Awareness over Mind

Most people are driven by the mind and are under the belief they are under control of their life but the first step of gaining control requires a growing understanding of who you are. When its matter over mind you react to things and reactions produces consequences that keep you stuck.

As you start to shift your attention to your thoughts you will learn that the outside is a play and the play is controlled by thoughts and you do develop some ability to change thought patterns but to hold a new thought pattern for long is also not easy…

Along with positive mind set you must understand that the master of the mind is awareness. When your not aware of the mind mind is the master and often a bad and unruly master…Start watching your thoughts and when they rise they will feel and produce uneasy stories , feelings and sensations. They are so because you have invested your power in them earlier by reacting…

Now your job is to unplug suck out the energy you have given them in the past…That’s what you are doing when you stay aware…let feelings words memories rise and fall like a wave.. they will loose their power over you as you stop reacting to them… to wake up from the dream dont buy the stories of the mind…

At some stage when they have no effect on you at all they have left you and your free and now your free to create inspirational experiences freely…..

Meditation Builds Will Power!

Meditation Builds Will Power
Meditation Builds Will Power

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