Win through love! #love #MindfulnessForBusiness #zen #100%Responsibility #Mind

Think about the client who you have a tough time getting along with and as you do observe the following:
What happens to your breathing?
What words come across your mind? Write them down
What sensations do you feel and where? Write them down in as much detail as possible..
Keep a diary of this and log it date wise…at the end of the daily writing write the following hooponopono cleaning phrases:

I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
As time goes by and if you do this everyday your negative feelings towards the client will melt through love (awareness of watching and writing your thoughts and feelings) and soon you will be winning a friend….

Test it out and keep me posted or if you want any help in between email or Skype me…
Skype: Mohan.sundaram.73
Or WhatsApp me on +918790171132

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