You can’t be compassionate to “others” just need to understand there is no others out there

Your Mindset Coach

Compassion truly manifests when you slowly start to see a oneness to the whole existence. In the beginning you take the appearance of many to be true and judge, blame etc..
As you evolve in life and over many rebirths understanding grows in you that your connected and there is a reason why you interact with few people and you share common traits with those who you interact with..and as you evolve further you realise more and more that there is ” no others” ..I am all life everywhere… This expansion of your understanding of the concept of self is manifest as compassion…. When you see connection your kind and more responsible…when you see your oneness with nature you stop abusing nature and live in harmony with it..
When you see and feel oneness with all life you build a loving and caring community instead of creating wars and wanting…

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