Truth does not need you!


You need the truth to exit the illusion!

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One thought on “Truth does not need you!

  1. It is hard to believe something when your past experiences contradict what you want to believe! Herein lies the secret to rewiring your model of the world! To erase the model of the world created by memories of many lives you need to relive those memories but this time non judgementally!

    That is called meditation! When you relive the memories at a physical level I e from the perspective of I am the body mind complex it is hard to be non judgementally accepting and loving of memories!

    But if you develop the will power and courage to revisit your memory in meditation you have the power ability and scope to work through your memory and rewire them fast and see a new model of the world – one built on the foundation of love, I e the feeling of oneness!

    Awareness is like a a glue! It sticks back your fragmented memory pieces much like putting back broken glass splinters into one beautiful piece of art whole, complete and balanced in itself! So a Mindful living is what will help you accomplish this! Whatever you do, do it mindfully! That’s the key to healing! When your Mindful, letting go ” happens”!

    Through meditation you intuite truth as an experience of your higher reality and experience transcends the realm of belief. An experience registers permanently and does not need a supporting belief! Even if you don’t believe that the mind is an illusion, that’s fine! If your willing to objectively evaluate a transcendental experience that is enough to awaken to your real nature!


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