Is there something called clarity????


We are under a magical spell cast by our desires to see or if may say believe that we see things to be clearly existent but in reality everything your senses perceive is an illusion , a dream just like the one you see when you go to sleep!

As your wisdom ripens your notion of a clear and solid world will slowly fade out and you will be able to see through this fuzzy illusion and set yourself free!


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4 thoughts on “Is there something called clarity????

    1. Hi, my experience in meditation and has been so more frequently over these years is that I start off my meditation as Mohan meditating and as I deepen I pass into a dream state and I witness it with some sense of reality and when meditation deepens further, I actually awaken into a reality of something I can write words on but if I had to say words it’s like I am no particular person or thing no qualities just existence and its not like I feel I have let go of something to come to this state although it may seem so from the point of view of journeying into this no person state from my name and form state and at this state of no person there is no world or mind or thoughts again its there is none of that not as f this has come from something, rather it is existence!

      Once I experience that then slowly I sense a thought rising from the centre of my being very subtle which I think is what people refer to as the I AM and while this happens I am aware of my formless nameless state as my only reality and from the I am the whole world is projected as one whole unit and then slowly memories of individuality city work etc creep in…

      When these experiences happen I take a day or two to orient into worldly life and each time I have it I am much more detached and know and fee
      And see through the illusion.

      Dream, illusion etc is my way of saying the mind and body are a dream and connected.. No mind no body no world..when mind operates the dream operates and the body and world and thoughts are perceived..they appear real till you intuite your nameless formless existence as your highest reality


  1. In fact although on an eye test my best corrected vision is 6/5 or what in American way of measuring would be 20/15 I don’t see things as solid and sharp any more! I see things soft and fuzzy and many times as my gaze shifts I can see objects forming where myngaze shifts ..its what I understand as a trick of the mind..

    Mind in my understanding is a bundle of desires and these desires project our world and casts a spell on us to believe them as real until you wake up to knowing you are the nameless and formless existence upon which this movie was projected….

    In my context of using illusion i refer to thoughts and their projections as illusions a dream that appears real until we wake up!!!just like night dreams seem real until we wake up so too I know this waking world we stand and work in is also an illusion a dream that will fade out as we awaken to our higher reality!


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